For A Better Tomorrow
Hello, internet! I'm Ryan, and this is my little slice of life. Also, I met Li’l Sebastian at the Pawnee Harvest Festival and it changed my life.

The best thing I have ever seen. Ever


The best thing I have ever seen. Ever

11, 20, & 32

11) My clearest childhood memory..I’m sure there’s a few but the one that comes to my mind immediately is in 4th grade when I was bicycling with my dad and the front tire of my back caught in the back tire of his and my bike locked and I flew over the handlebars into the street. Scraped up everything - bleeding everywhere - yadda yadda. Then I had to hobble home and get everything sprayed with whatever. Then I went to class and told everyone the typical fought a bear thing.

20) My favorite item of clothing…I dunno. I think it’s slowly becoming underwear. I’m starting to despise socks though.

32) What is my favorite song? I have plenty! Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper, Your Song by Elton John, Breathe Me by Sia, Good Enough by Evanescence, Winter by Tori Amos - the list goes on.

16 and 22

16) What’s my bedroom like? My bedroom is rad! There’s the bed in the center against the wall pointing towards the closet.. In the closet is my dresser and television with my PS3. Off to the side is my record player with my 3DS there as well. Then I have a big bookshelf with lots of books and some other wall shelves with books and movies and CDs. Then my bedside dresser has a speaker dock and whatever else. It’s an entertainment haven for me!

22) Have I got any bad habits? I tend to leave cupboards and drawers open when I’m in the kitchen. I’m sure there’s plenty of others that I’m not entirely aware of…


More questions for the curious types

1. What did you dream about last night?
2. Have you ever had your heart broken?
3. Have you ever broken someone else's heart?
4. Got a crush on anyone?
5. Do you dress differently when you go to a party?
6. Do you drink?
7. Do you smoke?
8. What turns you on?
9. What turns you off?
10. When can you trust someone?
11. What's your clearest childhood memory?
12. One best friend or a group of friends?
13. Have you ever taken drugs?
14. Have you ever been seriously ill?
15. Could you live without your phone?
16. What's your bedroom like?
17. What are you parents like?
18. Makeup or no makeup?
19. Who is your favorite celebrity?
20. What's your favorite item of clothing?
21. Are you a virgin?
22. Have you got any bad habits?
23. What does your URL mean?
24. Who was you last kiss?
25. Did you enjoy your last kiss?
26. Single or...?
27. What do you use tumblr for?
28. If people you know follow you, do you monitor what you post?
29. How did you spend Christmas?
30. Do you hate anyone?
31. Are you in love?
32. What is you favorite song?
33. What is your opinion on penguins?
34. Sex is...?
35. What do you do at parties?
36. Got anything planned for your next birthday?
37. Are you a big reader?
38. Something interesting that someone has told you?
39. What's your signature scent?
40. Ask me anything!
Ask me please I'm so fucking bored I will love u


this is easily one of the best episodes



fun science fact: bees dont actually buzz theyre just going “beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” because theyre excited to be a bee

wasps, however, have no concept of excitement and are beings of pure despair


The Rain Room at The Barbican in London



Me as a mother